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produits .net
Ben et Fils .Net develops innovative software products. The company's mission is to create and enhance intelligent Internet applications. The number of potential Internet applications is only limited to your imagination.

Argotik  General management Web 2.0 Application (SaaS). Currently adapting it for Gymnastique sur Table TCP Inc.

Propulsé  Internet Membership Follow Up System. (Perl et MySQL).

NeuroQuest  Lab research on transgenics animals system. (ASP, Orable, PL/SQL).

MindSet  Natural dynamic conceptualization system. This software has been on the market since 1997 and is used to develop Internet search engines.

À Priori  Priority management support software. This application converts temporally distributed events and reorganizes them based on their current relative priority. It is very handy for people who want to optimize their time and effort while studying. It could be adapted for the manufacturing industry.

Lui-Même  Emerging consciousness via an application. A challenge.

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