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Customers .net
Since January 2003, Ben et Fils .Net has provided its customers with Business Logic Professional Consulting Services.

Ben et Fils .Net builds NEUROQUEST a Web Intranet application using ASP, PL/SQL, Orcle and Javascript to manage pharmaceutical studies, schedules of activities, breeding, data collection, tests administrations, groups building and security managment,

Gymnastique sur Table TCP Inc. Ben et Fils .Net is building a Web 2.0 application called Argotik to manage customer, schedules, reservations, contracts, invoices and follow-up for Gymnastique sur Table TCP Inc.

Ben et Fils .Net Built the Web Site of Immicom Inc.

Fidèle Arsenault
Ben et Fils .Net Built and mantains the Web Site of Fidèle Arsenault between 2007 and 2010.

Ville de Montréal
Ben et Fils .Net reorganized many web applications for the building service (security, plans and building) for the city of Montreal, using Oracle, ASP and PL/SQL,

Entraide Équitable
Ben et Fils .Net hosts and manages «Propulsé», its web application to follow up membership.

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